Secure Thread Roller Machine Shipping Across Interstate and International Borders

The Heavy Haulers thread roller machine transport division utilizes modern logistics systems for the safest and efficient shipping experience. Thread roller machines that need to be relocated anywhere in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska; or across international borders to Canada and Mexico have Heavy Haulers to rely on. A fleet of the modular, dual lane and SPMT trailers are at your disposal with a free thread roller machine shipping quote when you call us. (800) 908-6206

Heavy Haulers riggers use state of the art equipment to provide innovative rigging for thread roller machine transportation. Our diverse skill set and creative managers will process documentation that your thread roller machine requires for interstate or cross border shipping. For a flexible and exceptionally speedy thread rolling operations, we transport thread roller machines to commercial customers all over the North American continent.

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Heavy Haulers conducts the entire process of industrial thread roller machine transportation for the generating of threads by displacement. Threaded screws, studs, and bolts are the end product of thread roller machines by the pressing of hard dies on the rotating metal blanks. Thread roller machines come in two variations, the rotary thread roller and the planetary thread rolling machine.

Common Models of Thread Roller Machines Heavy Haulers Ships

  • • Warren WT1500 HS Flat Die Thread Roller
  • • Higashida HRE-2 Thread Roller
  • • Manville 70-1000-C Thread Roller Flat Die
  • • Ruja Eagle-IV Double End Magazine Fed Planetary Thread Roller
  • • Waterbury-Farrel 60 Horizontal Thread Roller
  • • Landis 10TRM Air-Operated Thread Roller Machine
  • • Ingramatic RP-11-RU Flat Die Thread Roller
  • • Landis Lanhyrol 2-Roll Extended Spindle Threading Machine
  • • Waterbury 10 Hand Feed Thread Roller
  • • National 1015 4-600 Thread Roller
  • • Kinefac MC-5/10 Kine-Roller
  • • Izpe RSC-100 Thread Roller
  • • Grant 3A Auto Double End Thread Rolling
  • • Hartford 30-180 Thread Roller
  • • Birmingham Side Feed Horizontal Thread Roller
  • • Lian Feng Sheng LF40 Thread Roller Machine

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


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