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Heavy Haulers offer trustworthy and reliable transportation services for all drilling rigs included but not limited to bucket augers, mud rotary drilling rigs, rack drilling rigs, and all types of downhole drilling rigs. That's including equipment and supplies for individual and commercial businesses. Heavy Haulers is insured and fully capable of servicing every driller in need of transportation for their drilling equipment and supplies.

Heavy Haulers is dedicated to quality service and we pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy. Another reason our business has succeeded is due to our adaptation to new virtual resources and new age business development that we have created and contributed to the industry's vital resources that make us better than the competition.

Transport a bucket auger

Here are a few examples of common drillers we move, starting with the bucket auger

Bucket augers are critical when digging or excavating in rocky, boulder-filled surfaces. They're the best indicator of the presence of boulders and cobbles and is critical to determining where or if there may be cave-ins or collapses during the excavation. The helical auger incorporates a steel tube to hold the cuttings on the auger is it is withdrawn from the drill hole. Keeping the space between the auger and bucket from damage is critical to ensuring that your bores are the correct dimensions and that the debris is properly removed.

bucket auger shipping

Transport Your Bucket Auger with HEAVYHAULERS.COM

Maintaining your bucket augers in good working condition can take a huge load off your drilling jobs. Ensuring that these precision bits make it safely from one job site to the next, as well as preventing injuries from loading and unloading, takes time, care, and attention – and these are what Heavy Haulers excels at. From securing your augers on our regulation transport equipment to safely unloading them at your new job site, Heavy Haulers delivers. Call us at (800) 908-6206 for your free estimate.

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How to Transport Drill Rig Equipment

When we start the shipping process we first inspect the type and brand of Drill rig equipment we are shipping. Our years of experience allow us to select the right service amidst our rundown of shipping and logistics services.

When you give us a call through any of our special agents or chat with them, we inquire about the size, weight, and dimensions of the drill rig. Shipping a drill rig requires attention to detail; the slightest mistake during the loading or offloading process can lead to severe loss of time and money. We understand the value of your time, that's why our special agents answer your inquiries about how we ship drill rig equipment momentarily.

downhole drilling rig shipping

Downhole Drilling Rigs Shipping Services

Downhole drilling rigs are designed to be portable – but that doesn't mean that just anyone can ship them! Heavy Haulers has the proper equipment to safely move your downhole drilling rigs from one job site to the next, whether it's across town or across the country. With trained teams and trailers properly constructed to safely carry the load, Heavy Haulers is a specialist in transporting oilfield and excavation equipment. Downhole drilling rigs can be used both on land offshore – they're' the workhorse of the oil and gas industry. With different tools available, the circumference of your holes can be customized, and the drilling process itself expedited. The oil and gas industry is complicated and risky – and you need your told to safely cut through many different surfaces. When you choose Heavy Haulers to transport your downhole drilling rigs and components, you trust us to make sure that your equipment makes it safely from one job site to the next – and that keeps your team safe at work.

Ship Your Downhole Drilling Rig with an Experienced Heavy Haulers Agent.

Your downhole drill rig has the extra power you need for tough excavations. It's critical that it's properly showed during shipment, to keep the mechanisms in working order. Your Heavy Haulers team will ship site-to-site, properly securing each piece of the rig onto properly coded trailers. Our driving teams stay in contact with dispatch, allowing you to track your equipment in real time. We provide paperwork for weigh stations, as well as ensuring that we're following transportation compliance regulations. We will unload your equipment at your new job site, always focusing on protecting your crew and your investment. Contact us today at (800) 908-6206 for your free estimate.

Choose The Right Logistics Company To Move Your Mud Rotary Drilling Rig

Our services include loading your machinery onto specialized trailers – either open or closed – and planning the best route to go. We handle the weight estimates and paperwork needed as well as any kind of city permissions to travel through congested urban areas. We will unload at your job site, and may even assemble the equipment if needed. Give us a call at (800) 908-6206 for your free estimate.

There are many benefits to mud rotary drilling, as it is fast and efficient. Moving your mud rotary drilling equipment can help you stay on schedule and on budget. Efficient rigs can produce up to hundreds of feet per day using mud rotary drilling techniques. Heavy Haulers has plenty of experience moving mud rotary equipment across the country, especially to regions where air rotary is not feasible, such as bedrock, sand and gravel formations, and broken rock areas. It's the preferred method of drilling in sand and gravel areas, so having the correct shipment and transport trailers can make the difference in getting to precisely the place you need it. Allow our professional transportation specialists to help you get the job done.

drilling equipment shipping

rotary drilling equipment shipping

Shipping a Mud Rotary Drilling Rig

Mud rotary drilling is an excellent way for environmental projects to properly install and maintain groundwater monitoring wells. Fluid is pumped down a hollow drill pipe and flushes through the drill bits. The cuttings and cut materials are carried up through the hole and removed along with the mud. This allows the mud to be reused through a containment area or a separate pit. When your project is on a tight timeline, mud rotary drilling is often your best bet.

Choose The Right Logistics Company To Move Your Mud Rotary Drilling Rig

Our services include loading your machinery onto specialized trailers – either open or closed – and planning the best route to go. We handle the weight estimates and paperwork needed as well as any kind of city permissions to travel through congested urban areas. We will unload at your job site, and may even assemble the equipment if needed. Give us a call at (800) 908-6206 for your free estimate.

Recent RV Shipments by Heavy Haulers



Origin: Baltimore, MD 21222

Destination: Berlin, PA 15530

Specs: 56,000# 38L 9W 11H

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2006 Peterbilt Drill Rig transport.

Shipping a 2006 Peterbilt Drill Rig

Origin: Simponsville, SC 29681

Destination: Red Deer County, Alberta T4E 1k6

Specs: 56,000# 38.2L 13.2W 12H

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(727) 263-1060
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Hauling Your Rack Drilling Rigs with an Experienced Logistics Agent

Moving a rack drilling rig from one place to another is complicated – these offshore machines have many components and ensuring that they're taken down properly, all the pieces are safely stowed, and then carefully transported is a big job – and one that's best handled by professionals. Rack drilling rigs are used for offshore drilling – mainly to extract oil and natural gas. Removing the drill from the jacket takes time and effort. If you choose the wrong shipping company, you could be stuck – behind schedule and needing costly repairs. Choosing a rack drilling rig is fairly standard for offshore oil companies. These machines are towed into place by a barge and then assembled inside the jacket (the mechanism that holds the drill in place). This tower guides the drill into the water then into the seabed. As a drilling contractor, your success depends on trusting your transportation company to safely move your equipment from one site to the next – and time is money.

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Drilling Rig Manufacturer Equipment Transports

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport all kinds of equipment by any drilling rig manufacturer. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the manufacturers we have shipped include:

  • Massenza Drilling Rig

  • Lifewater Drilling Technology

  • Laibe Corporation

  • Sonic Drill Corporation

  • Diedrich Drill, Inc.

  • Schramm, Inc.

  • Bay Shore Systems, Inc.


  • SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.

  • Buckeye Drill Company

  • Drillmec Inc.

  • Mojave Industrial Tools, Inc.

  • Armstrong Machine Company

  • Mobile Drill Intl

  • GE Transportation

  • Sandvik Mining and Construction

  • Kemaico USA Corporation

  • Loadcraft Industries, Ltd.

  • Vertek a Division of ARA

  • TSC Group Holdings Limited

  • Holte Manufacturing

  • Rockmore International,

  • North Houston Machine, Inc.

  • Water Services Inc.

  • al

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