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Heavy Haulers is a nationwide network of heavy haulage specialists, with dedicated shipping professionals on our side who are focused on providing the best service. Whether you need UTV shipping upstate or you need to transport a side-by-side vehicle further afield, we've got drivers and trucks capable of handling the journey. We serve all 50 U.S. states with UTV shipping services.

We'll match your UTV transport request with an expert who knows exactly how to treat your vehicle. Our drivers will make sure your vehicle is safely secured onto the right type of truck and trailer before departure. Our drivers are also highly trained in the art of defensive driving, comfortable with all weather conditions, and know the most efficient routes to travel to reunite you with your vehicle.

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Flexible UTV Hauling Services

UTVs, or side-by-side vehicles, are multi-purpose off-road vehicles useful for a variety of tasks. They have more cargo space than ATVs, capable of hauling logs or tools. They are easily customizable with cab kits, specialty lighting, and lots of accessories, meaning a UTV can be designed for very specific needs. At Heavy Haulers, we've developed fully-flexible side-by-side hauling services to cater for shipping needs as unique as your vehicle.

Trust Heavy Haulers to ship your UTV, and we'll take care of everything. Cross-border paperwork? No problem! No loading area? Not an issue. Never shipped before? We've got friendly, professional advisors who'll put you at ease. Multiple UTVs to ship? We've got the transport network available to assist you. Call now! (800) 908-6206

Common UTV manufacturers we've shipped:

  • • Arctic Cat
  • • American LandMaster
  • • Bobcat
  • • Bulldog
  • • CFMOTO
  • • Honda
  • • John Deere
  • • Kawasaki
  • • TGB
  • • Kymco
  • • Intimidator
  • • Massimo
  • • Marauder
  • • Maverick
  • • Polaris
  • • Suzuki
  • • Textron
  • • Toro
  • • Yamaha

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How to Ship A UTV With Heavy Haulers

When you're ready to ship your UTV, give us a call. We'll provide you with a fast, free, and comprehensive quote before you make your decision. Once you've decided on a UTV transport service from Heavy Haulers, we'll connect you with local UTV shipping expertise capable of handling your vehicles. We'll take care of all the intricate details, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your transport date to arrive. We'll load, transport, and offload your UTV, providing all of the safety equipment. Call us to start your Heavy Haulers UTV shipping journey.


UTVs, also known as side-by-side (SxS), are four-wheel-drive vehicles for off-roading on rugged terrain. They can typically seat between 2 and 6 people and travel up to 80kph. Most utility vehicles have roll-over protection systems and may be equipped with windshields, hardtops, or full cab enclosures.


Offroad racing sometimes has UTV categories, for vehicles up to 1000cc. Monster Jam, Grand National Cross Country, and Best in the Desert races all feature UTV sport/performance vehicles. Sport UTVs often have bucket seats instead of benches and are built to travel at much higher speeds than utility vehicles, often capable of up to 130kph.


Sport-Utility vehicles combine features of both UTV and Sport/Performance offroad vehicles. Paddle shifters are more often used in these vehicles than standard UTVs and offer more flexibility for performance-minded drivers. Primarily 2-4 seat models are manufactured and used for a variety of activities from hunting and racing to offroad family adventures.

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


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