What Does Transporting Cargo with a 12-Axle Trailer Entail?

Our logistics managers and dispatchers have excellency in hauling with all the necessary licensing. The safety requirements that are needed for 12 axle trailers are fully met even while keeping reliable and time efficient deadlines. Dispatchers are available on (800) 908-6206 for quick and affordable transport estimates that will lead to successful haulage. With our one consignment solution cargo is transported in one piece versus the chopping up of complicated or sensitive equipment which is both costly and time-consuming.

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Choosing The Right Company To haul Your Load on a 12-Axle Trailer

Our Heavy Haulers 12 axle trailer fleet doesn't allow size and weight to hamper transportation. With a free valuation of cargo, we can determine a one-off affordable cost that suits your hauling needs. Some permits are required for oversize roads in county or state highways, and these will be arranged by Heavy Haulers to ease your journey. A route plan with realizable schedules enables our 12 axle trailer crews to be unhampered by bad weather, traffic, and the problematic road passes.

Our Heavy Haulers 12 axle trailers include those that have expandable double drops or RGN spread axles. Lowboy expandable also carries four groups of axles with heavy ton trailers that are perimeter steerable. With a no obligations free quotation, we shall be able to size up your cargo and match it against similar loads we have hauled. This will give us a clear picture of the setup and combination that should be used to hook up your cargo to our 12 axle trailer transports.

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Our Trailers Are Fully Graded to Meet Weigh Station Regulations

Our trailers are fully graded to meet weigh station regulations while the client is furnished with a direct link to the 12 axle transport crew. Continuous communication ensures that no matter where the cargo is, dialing (800) 908-6206 allows our dispatchers to connect you seamlessly. Outriders and escort flaggers are also necessary for 12 axle trailer loads in certain difficult spots. Where the road network is tricky, dispatch managers deploy pilot cars which assist in the navigation of your load to its destination.

Is a 12-Axle RGN Trailer The Best Option For Your Load?

Our heavy cargo transporters all work thanks to a mechanical detachment within the axle groupings simultaneously. They range in length size from the central modular 30 foot flat to the insert deck that adds 10 feet. Deck height of 24 to 26 inches will depend on whether the Heavy Hauler crew employs the hydraulic bumper steer. Comfortably haul your oversize load that's more than 120,000 pounds using a Heavy Haulers 12 axle trailer on (800) 908-6206.

We have ongoing haulages using our 12 axle trailers in the fields of oilfield equipment, heavy construction equipment and specialized loads with high concentrated weight. Some oversize heat exchanges and gas compressors have made it to what we consider some of our super loads. Our crews have the knowledge and experience to handle your specialized needs on a variety of platforms with 12 axle special trailers.

Start Your 12 Axle Trailer Transport With Heavy Haulers

At Heavy Haulers, we mobilize everything from large transformers, drilling machines, factory presses, and excavators. Our project managers will ensure that the process is completed most efficiently and cost-effectively possible. Many other details to our heavy haul transportation are more than merely transporting cargo. Heavy Haulers have the proper licensing to secure permitted routes and remove obstacles along the journey of your cumbersome load.

For free cargo and distance valuation, call now on (800) 908-6206 and speak to a logistics manager who will answer all your 12 axle trailer related queries. This information is also available on our website on Heavy Haulers where you can email us for specifications and orders at dispatch@heavyhaulers.com.


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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

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Heavy Haulers offer trustworthy and reliable transportation services for all varieties of freight including shipments of individual, commercial, and heavy machinery.

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