Learn How Piggyback Truck Transportation Works

Truck Piggybacking is safe and legal. Our Heavy Haulers piggyback trucking crews are the most experienced in the industry. We strive to provide the best shipping solutions to fit your needs. A common shipping solution to moving many trucks at once is piggyback trucking. Named for the nostalgic childhood action, this mode of transport is used more than you might think.

Two trucks piggybacked.
Piggybacking Truck Transport

Piggybacking trucks is cost-effective and resource-saving method of heavy truck transportation. Heavy Haulers has years of experience deploying this form of shipping. One of the great things about truck piggybacking is that a single driver and team can handle it. Once the trucks are secured, piggyback style, the driver or team will be on their way.

As with all forms of transport, piggybacking trucks has restrictions. Based on the length and weight, no more than four trucks can be piggybacked at one time. This applies to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The crew mounts the trucks, with or without their front wheels, onto the back of the first rig. Fifth wheel, combination or frame saddles can be used to give grip to the mounted truck's front wheels.

Everything You Need to Know About Piggybacking Trucks

Heavy Haulers has over a decade of experience when it comes to piggybacking trucks. Our dedicated specialists have expanded from local and domestic transport to shipping overseas. We pride ourselves on finding the best shipping solutions to fit your needs. That includes utilizing truck piggybacking when you need it.

Our logistics team will also handle route planning, scheduling, and permits. We take care of each detail so you can have a confident and quality truck piggybacking transport. As the experts in heavy haul, we provide the best solutions for your shipping needs. Call now and let's get started! (800) 908-6206

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How to Piggy Back Semi Trucks for Transport

Piggybacking semi trucks is done by attaching them to each other using the fifth wheel hitch. That means the fron of each semi truck is attached to the hitch of the one before it while its rear wheels touch the ground. When done properly, the semi trucks will be safe up to the final destination. The process is very simplified since there’s no use of regular trailers such as lowboys and flatbeds. Instead, the semi trucks accommodate each other upto a maximum of four. However, that number can be less depending on the size of the semi trucks. Always speak to your logistics agent to know whether the maximum limit will be four or three semi trucks. Another advantage of using piggyback transportation is that a single driver is able to transport several semi trucks in a single trip which reduces cost.

Is Piggybacking Truck Transport Your Best Shipping Solution?

Piggyback transportation is mainly known for cost efficiency but working with a professional piggyback trucking company like Heavy Haulers adds to the advantages. We’re experienced and have drivers across the country with knowledge of how to safely hitch your semi trucks and deliver them across the country on time. We offer free shipping estimates and fully insure each semi truck. We will ensure your semi trucks are delivered to a location of your choice safely.

When you speak to our logistics agent about the number of trucks you want to transport, they'll be able to determine if this is the best shipping method. We care about the quality of transport, so we'll do our best to find you the best shipping prices. Call now, and let's get started! (800) 908-6206.


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One of the great things about piggybacked trucking is that it's cost effective. Shipping many trucks on individual trailers will take more time and money. By piggybacking trucks, you save the need for multiple drivers and teams. It's all done in an easy, affordable way. It's time to get started. Call now! (800) 908-6206

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