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Our Legend Trailers cargo handling gear is thoroughly graded with the appropriate permits and licenses that oversize load requires especially for interstate or intercountry haulage. Heavy Hauler's teams of drivers and riggers are insured and fully regulated in every county, state and all over continental North America. Call now to have a heavy haulers logistics team toll-free at (800) 908-6206 to have your full Legend Trailers load carried today on a Heavy Haulers transport.

We work closely with your schedules and deadlines to come up with viable route plans for your Legend Trailers transport which are designed to meet expectations. Escort services are accorded for that Legend Trailers load while pilot cars make hauling safer for the rig to guarantee safe transport. We organize all the necessary legal permits that your shipment may require to cover the distance of a Legend Trailers cargo delivery.

Legend Trailers shipped by a Heavy Haulers heavy-duty flatbed are more likely to arrive just as they left, and within the agreed time without any hassle. The lack of hidden costs, coupled with our affordable fees give heavy hauler’s repeat clients the reason to keep contacting us toll-free on (800) 908-6206.

Other Models Of Legend Trailers That We Transport Include:

  • • Legend Enclosed Cargo 6X15DVNSA30
  • • Legend Trailers 7 by 17 ASDTA35
  • • Legend Enclosed Snowmobile E723TA35
  • • Legend Trailers 716OD
  • • Legend Trailers ST 7 by 14 TA 35
  • • Legend Trailers 7 by 15 FT VTA 30
  • • Legend Trailers 613EVSA30
  • • Legend Trailers 719DVNTA35
  • • Legend Trailers STV 7 by 14 TA35
  • • Legend 7ft by 29ft by 78in Explorer 4-Place
  • • Legend Trailers STV 8.5 x 22 TA35
  • • Legend Enclosed Cargo 7 by 18 TVTA 35
  • • Legend Explorer Snow 7ft by 29ft by 78in
  • • Legend Trailers 8.5 by 26 TV
  • • Legend Trailers 7 by 17 ASTA

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