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We provide a seamless door-to-door asphalt plant transport service, no matter where your asphalt plant delivery is headed. Whether you're in New Jersey or Minnesota, shipping asphalt plants to your location is simple with the Heavy Haulers asphalt plant transport network. We're an asphalt plant delivery company with an unparalleled nationwide division of professional haulers serving the entire United States and beyond.

Our asphalt plant shipping service is available to transport new, used, and refurbished asphalt plants. Your asphalt plant components will be carefully handled throughout the entire delivery process, by licensed, insured haulers that are accomplished plant equipment handlers. Asphalt plant transport services provided by the Heavy Haulers asphalt plant shipping team will always connect you to the best local experts to handle your asphalt plant delivery service. Whether it's a logistics expert that will coordinate your delivery or an accomplished haulage team that will handle the loading, unloading, and transporting of your plant equipment, we've got it covered. Let’s get started! (800) 908-6206

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Complete Range of Asphalt Plant Delivery Services

At Heavy Haulers, our comprehensive range of asphalt plant shipping services can help you to transport all components of an asphalt plant. Whether it's a replacement storage tank, hot aggregate elevator, drum dryer, cold aggregate supply system, or any oversized asphalt plant equipment, we can help you transport it. When we haul an asphalt plant, we tailor our transport service to provide a personalized delivery approach. We handle the logistics, including route planning and obtaining the correct permits, as well as sourcing carriers and experienced haulers to deliver an asphalt plant for you.

Asphalt plant haulage from our team of experts provides a hassle-free option for asphalt plant relocation. Whether you're obtaining a used asphalt plant component from a seller in the U.S., or need us to help transport an asphalt plant that's been hauled in from overseas, we have an asphalt plant delivery service capable of handling the transportation requirement. Our haulers serve every location in the U.S., including major ports, airports, and cities, as well as remote plant sites. No asphalt plant transport request is too far away or too complicated for our logistics experts. Call now! (800) 908-6206

Common Manufacturers of Asphalt Plants:

● Astec, Inc.

● Aesco Madsen

● Ahern Industries

● ALmix

● Barber Greene

● BDM Engineering

● Gencor

● Marini

● Standard Havens

● Stansteel


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Cold Aggregate Supply System

The cold aggregate supply system is a component of asphalt mixing plants, used to store and supply different sized aggregates. It is a feeder unit used to provide the optimal amount of material to the dryer. Typically has four bins, but this varies depending on the grading requirements of the asphalt.

Drum Dryer

Drum dryers provide a high-temperature drying method for a variety of aggregates. Due to the abrasive nature of fed materials, these drums are often of heavy-duty construction. Materials dry as they travel through a hot air stream, pulled through the drum in either a parallel flow or counterflow.

Coal Burner

A coal burner is a mechanical device that uses coal dust to feed the flame that provides a heat source to generate the hot air stream used to dry aggregate materials in the drum. Powdered coal is generally mixed with an airflow and ignited by an oil-burning igniter.

Coal Feeder

A coal feeder is used to regulate the amount that enters the coal burner's combustion chamber. A critical component of the feeder is the conveyor that carries coal, often driven by a 3-phase synchronous motor. The feeder usually has an inlet valve to stop too much coal landing on the conveyor.

Cyclone Dust Collector

These collectors are designed to capture unwanted dust and debris. The force created by the fast, circular airflow inside the device drives dust particles towards the cyclone chamber wall. When hitting the wall, the dust loses velocity and falls into a bin or hopper underneath the collector.

Baghouse Dust Collector

For over 50 years, baghouse dust collectors have been used for industrial dust collection. They use anywhere between 6-900 felt bags to filter dust-filled air and use a compressed-air self-cleaning system. Collectors with traditional bag filters are used to filter a mixed range of dust particle sizes, even in higher temperatures.

Hot Aggregate Elevator

Once the material has filtered through the dryer, it then rises through the hot aggregate elevator system, typically a vertical batch tower, before it travels over a screening deck. Aggregate travels typically through the elevator in buckets mounted on a rotating chain that utilizes a weighted tension system.

Vibrating Screen

These screens are used to ensure the desired quality level is achieved by removing any oversized materials. Feed and discharge trays are typically included to assist with the distribution of aggregates. They can be used in multi-deck facilities and have the ability to withstand high operating temperatures.

Filler Supply System

The filler supply system stores and adds filler minerals and materials. It is separate system to the coal burning and supply system. Once aggregate has been filtered through screening equipment, filler is pumped through to a weighing hopper before the next stage in the asphalt creation process.

Weighing and Mixing System

The weighing and mixing system is where the filler supply enters the asphalt creation process. In batch plants, a percentage or weight is pulled from each bin and measured on bucket scales. In drum mixer plants, aggregates travel on a weighbridge conveyor. Times in the mixer can be set according to the mix design.

Asphalt Storage Tank

Walkie stalkers, also known as pedestrian walk-behind stackers, come in a variety of types, depending on its purpose. These walk behind pallet trucks can be either manual or powered, and they have a decent-sized mast for lifting pallets to various heights. The main difference in each walkie stacker forklift is in how it distributes the load. It can be with front legs, straddle legs, or counterbalance weight.


How to Ship an Asphalt Plant

Depending on the size and type of asphalt plant or plant component you're looking to ship, asphalt plant shipping methods will vary. Freestanding, modular plants can be hauled as multiple shipments, coordinated to arrive on time at the new plant site. Oversized components can ship on a step-deck or RGN trailer, strapped down to avoid movement. Our experienced asphalt plant hauling service team will provide an accurate quote for your asphalt plant shipping, please contact us for a customized approach to shipping your asphalt plant. Call now! (800) 908-6206

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