Terex Construction Equipment Shipping

Shipping Terex Construction Equipment

Call Our company Heavy Haulers for all Terex equipment shipping services locally or cross country at (800) 908-6206! Trust Heavy Haulers to ship your Terex construction equipment. Terex Corporation manufactures material handling and processing equipment, aerial platforms and cranes. Founded in 1968 as a division of General Motors, the company produced the first off-road hauler and the first twin-powered bulldozer. Terex was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1991.

Terex has grown largely through acquisitions. The company purchased Powerscreen, a maker of rock-crushing equipment, in 1999. In 2002, Terex added aerial platforms to its product line with the purchase of industry leader Genie. Terex employs more than 20,000 people.

Common Oshkosh Equipment We Transport Frequently:

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Shipping a Terex crane

Shipping a Sterling Terex Crane

  • Shipping From: Spring Horse, NC

  • Transporting To: Mattawan, MI

  • Specs: 2006 Sterling Terex Crane; 34L x 8.5W x 13H; 25,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Tye F.
    (754) 253-3770

Transporting a Terex dump truck

Terex 3066C Articulated Dump Truck Transport

  • Shipping From: Paragould, AR

  • Transporting To: Hudson, IA

  • Specs: Terex 3066C articulated dump truck; 31L x 9.6W x 11.3H; 49000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Nick H.
    (772) 238-2766

Terex boom lift transport

Transporting a Terex TB60 Boom Lift from Alabama to Florida

  • Shipping From: Birmingham, AL

  • Transporting To: Orlando, FL

  • Specs: 2001 Terex TB60 Boom Lift; 24L x 8W x 9H; 23,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Chad C.
    (754) 704-0244

2005 Terex-CMI Asphalt Paver Shipped on an RGN Trailer

2005 Terex-CMI Asphalt Paver Hauled On An RGN Trailer Within Texas State

Mike Phillips from Heavy Haulers handled the shipping of this 2005 Terex-CMI Asphalt Paver that was moved from Midlothian to Freeport in Texas. Mike loaded the 30,595-pound paver on an RGN Trailer that accommodated its 8.6 ft. height comfortably. The 10.3 ft. wide load was flagged and secured for transport which needed permits for the 19.2 ft. long Terex-CMI 2204 asphalt paver. A time effective delivery was made after a 291-mile haul along the I-45 S.

Transport Specialist: Mike Phillips
(754) 203-8914

Shipping a terex demag crane

Terex Transport: Terex Demag Mac-50 Crane

  • Shipping From: Jacksonville, FL

  • Transporting To: Santa Domingo, DR, OC

  • Specs: 2007 Terex Demag Mac-50 Crane; 37L x 8.5W x 12H; 70,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Tye F.
    (754) 203-8738

Terex Puchs transport

Transporting a Terex Fuchs MHL 350 Material Handler

  • Shipping From: New Haven, CT

  • Transporting To: Riviera Beach, FL

  • Specs: 2013 Fuchs MHL 350 material handler; 41.8L x 9.1W x 12H; 78,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Jamie H.
    (754) 203-8738

Common Terex Wheel Loaders We Transport!

Terex Corporation has been actively producing various equipment for handling and lifting materials since 1968. Through these years the quality and efficiency of their equipment keep getting better and better. The Terex wheel loaders lifting machines have an unmatched ability to withstand difficulties. For instance, they come in hand during constructions where they are effective in earthmoving and mining. Moreover, the company has branched to accommodate a wide area for service. Heavyhaulers.com is knowledgeable on all the Terex wheel Loader models and we offer specialized and personalized transportation of all these models.

Heavy Haulers Can Transport all Types of Terex Wheel Loaders, Including:

Common Terex All Terrain Cranes We Transport!

The Terex all terrain cranes were introduced in the market line as of 1999 after acquiring franna from whom the first pick and also carry cranes were invented. Ever since Terex all terrain cranes have improved unimaginably. For instance, the AC35L, which has multiple features of distinctive nature. These particularly include a height of 47cm, a jib extension and is equipped with a comfortable operation space for the driver. Heavyhaulers.com is sufficiently knowledgeable on all the other Terex all terrain crane models to ensure our shipments are successful.

Heavy Haulers Can Transport all Types of Terex Terrain Crane, Including:

Common Terex Rock Truck We Transport!

The Terex rock trucks are divided into a fairly large number of models. Between the years 1974 and 1976, was when the first biggest heavy construction equipment was introduced. The agility of the Terex rock trucks is to be reckoned with. Through the various models that have been developed through the years till now, the main idea holding their make is their ability to adapt to all job sites. These be it in cement processing, mining or even quarries. Heavyhaulers.com, we are equipped with the necessary trailers and information enabling us to seamlessly transport all these varieties.

Heavy Haulers Can Transport all Types of Terex Rock Trucks, Including:

Common Terex Dump Trucks We Transport!

As of 18th August 2020, Terex trucks were the proud awardee of the International ROSPA Silver Award for Health and Safety practices. This being the fourth time to receive the award. Clearly that guarantees that the Terex dump trucks are of the state of art. The Terex dump trucks are of a wide variety. For example, the TA300, an articulated medium sized machine segment which is powered up to 370 horsepower by a Scania engine. All Terex dump trucks are also easy to transport for their elaborate and unique feel.

Heavy Haulers Can Transport all Types of Terex Dump Trucks, Including:

Common Terex Excavators We Transport!

The Terex excavators provide maximum productivity while in use. General Motors producing Terex trucks took over half of the nations’ off-highway truck supply in 1953 after the purchase of Euclid. Terex excavators have various models all which we comfortably ship. The main advantage however about these models is their ability to perform various tasks at a go without cutting back on the flow. Moreover, the make of the Terex excavators accommodates smooth hydraulics on top of the productive power enabling the machines to last under harsh conditions.

Heavy Haulers Can Transport all Types of Terex Excavators, Including:

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