Shipping Hitachi Construction Equipment

Transporting Hitachi Construction Equipment

Call Our company Heavy Haulers for all Hitachi equipment shipping services locally or cross country at (800) 908-6206! Trust Heavy Haulers to ship your Hitachi construction equipment. Hitachi Construction manufactures excavators and haulers. The company used to build bulldozers. Founded as an electric-motor repair shop in 1910, Hitachi went public in 1949. Hitachi America debuted in 1951.

In 2002, Hitachi formed a partnership with John Deere to produce excavators. The venture’s excavators are built in the U.S. and Brazil. Hitachi Construction is owned by Hitachi Group, a division of Hitachi. Hitachi is part of Mizuho Financial Group, the third-largest bank holding company in Japan. Hitachi Group has more than 30,000 employees.

Common Hitachi Equipment We Transport Frequently:

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