Volvo Construction Equipment Shipping

Shipping Volvo Construction Equipment

Call Our company Heavy Haulers for all Volvo equipment shipping services locally or cross country at (800) 908-6206! Trust Heavy Haulers to ship your Volvo construction equipment. Volvo Construction Equipment is an international manufacturer of heavy construction equipment. The company was founded by a blacksmith in Sweden in 1832. In 1932 it merged with another Swedish company to become Bolinder-Munktell, specializing in tractor manufacturing. Volvo bought Bolinder-Munktell in 1950.

In 1954, the company produced its first wheel loader. It introduced the world’s first articulated truck in 1966. After becoming part of a joint venture, Bolinder-Munktell returned to full Volvo ownership in 1995 when it was renamed Volvo Construction Equipment. In 2007, the company added to its construction line by purchasing Ingersoll-Rand’s road construction equipment division. Nearly 15,000 people work for Volvo Construction Equipment.

Common Volvo Equipment We Transport Frequently:

Common Equipment Heavy Haulers Transports

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

Recent Volvo Shipments

Shipping a volvo excavator

Shipping a Volvo EC460BLC Excavator on an RGN Trailer

  • Shipping From: Kent, OH

  • Transporting To: South Chicago Heights, IL

  • Specs: 2005 Volvo EC460BLC Excavator; 40L x 12W x 12.4H; 100,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: J.J. Jones
    (407) 337-2969

Transporting a Volvo wheel loader

Volvo L60E Wheel Loader Transport

  • Shipping From: Hazlehurst, GA

  • Transporting To: Sugarcreek, GA

  • Specs: Volvo L60E wheel loader; 29L x 8.2W x 10.6H; 27,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Brian G.
    (754) 203-9267

Volvo wheel loader shipped

Volvo Equipment Transport: L70G Wheel Loader

  • Shipping From: Commerce, TX

  • Transporting To: Sugarcreek, OH

  • Specs: 1 Volvo L70G wheel loader; 28L x 8W x 10.6H; 27,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Brian G.
    (754) 203-9267

Shipping a Volvo excavator

Transporting a Volvo EC250EL Excavator from SC to LA

  • Shipping From: Georgetown, SC

  • Transporting To: Minden, LA

  • Specs: 1 Volvo EC250EL excavator; 34L x 11.6W x 11.4H; 60,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Luke F.
    (772) 227-1564

Shipping a Volvo wheel loader

Volvo L120E Wheel Laoder from Florida to Ohio

Just like this 40K+ pound wheel loader, Heavy Haulers is ready for anything you throw at it. And from sunny Kissimmee, FL to cool Sugarcreek, OH, Heavy Haulers was ready with the perfect rig for the job for this oversized load. Our experience in the business helps you get back to your business without skipping a beat. If you have a big boy toy to haul make sure Heavy Haulers is who you call. Contact Brian Hatfield directly for your wide load quote

Transport Specialist: Brian H.
(754) 203-8979

Volvo EC360 Hauled On Trailer

Shipping a 2007 Volvo EC360 to Seal Beach, CA from Nags Head, NC

Specialist Sam from Heavy Haulers shipped this 100,000 pound Volvo EC360 Hauled on an RGN trailer from Nags Head, North Carolina to Seal Beach California. He valuated the 37 ft. long oversize excavator with backhoe shovel load for transport that accommodated its 12 ft. height and 11.8 ft. width with permits and insurance. The load was secured with heavy-duty chain riggings and the 2007 Volvo EC360 was flagged for comprehensive and safe shipping.

Transport Specialist: Sam D.
(561) 931-6741

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Common Volvo Wheel Loaders and Compactors We Transport!

Volvo wheel loaders have been upgraded to serve better over time and in a more friendly manner. Heavy Haulers, we are able to ship all the Volvo wheel loader models easily due to the factual data we have accumulated so far. For instance, the L150H has upgraded on efficiency and stability. It has improved transmission, working in unison with the axles and engines. It also has revised gear ratio and a new converter. It offers the operator comfort from the newly adjustable seats. The L150H Volvo wheel loader is durable and easily serviceable. All Volvo wheel loader models are efficient in their various tasks.

Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Wheel Loaders and Compactors, Including:

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Common Volvo Cab and Chassis and Articulated Dump Trucks We Transport!

Volvo cab and chassis trucks are not just good, but ultimately great. They are mainly rated highly due to their ability to optimize on the performance but at the same time greatly reducing fuel used. These machines offer admirable driver interface due to the instrument cluster plus the new integrated system. Volvo cab and chassis trucks are even more popular as they have reduced negative effects on the environment, which has been a great concern. At Heavy Haulers we are resourced sufficiently to ensure the transportation process of any of the remarkable Volvo cab and chassis truck models is successful.

For increased performance and profitability, Volvo articulated dump trucks are your number one choice for transporting heavy loads. The various models of these trucks have robust designs. For instance, the A45G Volvo articulated dump truck works harmoniously to achieve the desired results. The truck has an increased cab size and unbeatable suspension. Its payload is increased by two tons. The A45G is even more desirable for its fuel-efficient Volvo engine, which offers excellent performance. Comprehensively all Volvo articulated dump trucks offer reliability, quality and durability. Heavy Haulers we ship all these models at a client’s convenience.

Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Cab and Chassis, and Articulated Dump Trucks, Including:

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Common Volvo Hydraulic Excavators We Transport!

Volvo hydraulic excavators entail a wide range of features geared towards improving their performance and life. The EC160E Volvo hydraulic excavator for instance showcases these features. They have optimized hydraulics engineered to equal the engine power, increase controllability and reduce power loss. It’s also an ideal tool carrier. It connects seamlessly with its attachments while at the same time enhancing their performance. The material used to make the Volvo CC160E also is essential for a prolonged life. For example, silicone caulking is incorporated to cut on rust. we pride ourselves in transporting Volvo hydraulic excavators to every part of the country and internationally.

Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Hydraulic Excavators, Including:

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Common Volvo Backhoe Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders We Transport!

The Volvo Group is a recognized manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. It was awarded as the world's second largest manufacturer in 2016. Volvo introduced a range of backhoe loaders of their own design in 2002. Volvo backhoe loaders are personalized to suit the client’s needs as they were built with their direct incites. The company combined the strengths of the other machinery for high productivity and performance. Volvo backhoe loaders have the power and performance of the Volvo excavator and Volvo wheel loaders simplicity and strength. Moreover, they have easy serviceability and extreme comfort for the operator. All these qualities are found in all the Volvo backhoe loaders. For instance, the Volvo BL60B backhoe loader whose production years were between 2011 and 2015, has outstanding visibility due to its large, yet narrow excavator modelled boom and arm. This is in addition to its high forces and bucket rotation. Volvo backhoe loaders are used worldwide for their outstanding qualities.

Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Backhoe Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders, Including:

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Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Midi Excavators and Mini Excavators, Including:

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Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Mobile Excavators, Including:

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Heavy Haulers Transports All Volvo Motor Graders, Including:

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