Dredging Equipment Transport Services in all 50 States!

Heavy Haulers ships dredging equipment from east coast to west. Our services include both overland and barge shipping, ensuring that your dredging machines make it to even the most remote areas. Pipelines, booster stations, workboats, and rigging – we can ship it all. Heavy Haulers covers all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. No matter where your next project goes, trust Heavy Haulers to help you get there safely and on time.

Speak with one of our professional representatives about plotting the best path - including all paperwork for the municipalities you travel through - for your dredging equipment and machinery at (800) 908-6206. Let us assemble your team. Our logistical experts are second to none!

Recent Dredges Moved by Heavy Haulers!

Moving a Dredging Machine

As a part of a 2 truck shipment, Heavy Haulers recently moved a 16 ton dredging machine (48L, 8W, 2H). The move totaled about 350 miles, from Illinois City in Illinois to Kansas City in Kansas, and it required a flatbed truck with a deck. Moving heavy-oversized loads such as dredgers and floating dredging pipes is the nature of Heavy Hauler, we can haul your load no matter the weight, size, quantity or type of equipment. Do you or your company need to haul a dredging machine or equipment? Give our expert agent Jacob a call at 561-208-8418.

Transporting Dredging Equipment

Heavy Haulers recently had the job of moving over 12 tons in pipe floats for a dredging machine (47L, 8W, 8H). As part of a 2 truck shipment, the oversize load traveled over 500 miles from Beaumont, Texas to Harrah in Oklahoma. The demand to move dredgers and dredging equipment has rapidly grown over the past year, but our agents are ready to overlook your shipment from start to finish. Would you like to get a free quote to move your dredging equipment? Give Jacob a call at 561-208-8418.

Ellicott 370 Dredge Haul

Our dredging machinery shipping expert Jacob M. moved this Ellicott 370 from Beaumont, TX to Miami, FL this November in 2018. This unit was 57 feet long and just as wide as it was tall - 12.3 in width and 12.5 in height. Give Jacob a call for all Dredging Equipment Transport at 561-208-8418.

Our team is ready to handle all size and types of dredging loads! Whether it's full mechanical dredgers, hydraulic dredgers, spare equipment or components - just call Jacob at 561-208-8418.

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Moving your barges and workboats from coast to coast, across land, and down rivers requires a shipping team with expertise in a lot of different areas. Heavy Haulers prides ourselves on reaching the most rugged terrain and extreme areas so you can get the job done. We can provide a team to disassemble your equipment, load it properly and securely, and determine the best route, avoiding costly delays.

If you choose to disassemble your own gear, we can stow each piece carefully, transport it to the next location, and unload it for you to reassemble. We know modern dredgers rely on sophisticated technology, and we take care to pack each piece of equipment to prevent calibration issues or breakage. However you prefer your hopper dredgers or cutter suction dredgers shipped, we can deliver your dredging barge equipment safely and securely anywhere in North America.

We transport dredging equipment used to:

  • ● Remove sediment and debris from the bottom of lakes

  • ● Clear river beds of rocks, run-off soil, and trash;

  • ● Remove silt from channels and harbors

  • ● Maintain depth of navigation channels

  • ● Increase depth at harbor mouths

  • ● Clear berthing decks

  • ● Construct new ports or harbors

  • ● Protect local wildlife from containment and pollution

  • ● Collection and disposal of dredged material

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers.

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

Heavy Haulers Ships Other Types of Equipment Such As..

Cranes - Bulldozers - Excavators - Wheel Loaders - Crawler Loaders - Backhoes - Drills - Forklifts - Rollers - Scrapers - Compactors - Street Sweepers - Motor Graders - Scissor & Boom Lifts - Forestry Equipment - Trailers - Grinders - Skid Steer Loaders - Heavy Equipment - Petrochemical Equipment - Chemical Equipment - OilField / Gas Plant Equipment - Dump Trucks

Types of Equipment Heavy Haulers has Experience Transporting

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

Haul Your Dredger with Heavy Haulers!

We offer shipment of your dredging equipment itself, including boats and barges; however, we do not ship the dredged material., When you're ready to take on your next dredging job – or if you need to help a flooded area in an emergency, trust Heavy Haulers to get you there on time, every time. Give us a call for a custom quote at (800) 908-6206!

Heavy Haulers offers:

  • Door-to-door transport
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Free Cancellations
  • Contingency Insurance
Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Backhoe

Heavy Haulers specializes in equipment transport

We understand that the key to success is expertise and experience in a special field, with a commitment to quality and integrity. Heavy Haulers are specialists in loading, transporting, and unloading unusually sized equipment and machinery to remote areas, across difficult terrain, and through unforgiving land or water. Our specialist teams are trained and certified in properly securing and loading expensive equipment with the safety of our crew, yours, and your property at the forefront.

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